Prescription Orthotics

We also manufacture prescription orthotics for podiatrists.

FOR PODIATRISTS – if you’d like to use us as a supplier for your orthotics, simply email us to enquire today.

Although we can not diagnose patients without seeing them in person, if you already have prescription orthotics that are starting to wear or show their age, we are able to replicate these and send them back to you, with our HCPC Podiatrist carrying out a quality assurance process to ensure the highest quality.

Please send us an email if you require this service and we will be happy to discuss with you.
In-Sole Sisters-Prescription-IMG_2069

Custom devices made from negative cast impression or foam box, length of shell, EVA or POLYPROPYLENE

With full length covers

Carbon fibre shell supplement

Semi custom full length for sports or low volume dress shoe with up to 6 additions per pair

Carbon fibre shell supplement

Ordinary insoles with up to 4 additions per pair

Leather top covers supplement